Mossi, Moaga

Mossi, Moagha ethnic helmet mask "bird"

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Depth : 21cm.
Weight : 1.350Kgs.
Origin Country : Burkina Faso.
Raw material : pigments noirs et blancs, cuir.
Width : 42.20cm.
Height : 52.70cm.
Ethnic Group : Mossi (Moagha).
Color : Black and white pigments.


Funerary helmet Mask “Bird” of Mossi, Moagha ethnic group, made of wood and pigments.

This type of helmet is very popular with the Mossi who take it out to celebrate the funeral of their leader.

Funeral rites in countries moagha (Mossi) :

In countries moagha funerals are organized only for the elderly and the head.

They are an occasion of great celebration that can last several days or weeks if the deceased had a very high status within the political hierarchy of the village.

The Mossi are a people of Burkina Faso, as well as some adjacent areas of surrounding countries (especially Ghana).

More about the Mossi


Our Comments about the general condition of the piece:
Superb and rare piece.
Traces of ancient repairs to both wings of the bird and at the base of the helmet (see photo). Furthermore, these do not alter the beauty of this authentic Mossi helmet of great spiritual presence.

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