Mossi, Moaga

Mossi, Moagha ethnic helmet mask "monkey"

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Weight : 0.49Kg.
Origin Country : Burkina Faso.
Raw material : Dense wood and pigments.
Width : 29.50cm.
Height : 25cm.
Ethnic Group : Mossi (Moagha).
Color : Black and white pigments.


Black Mossi, Moagha Mask of wood and pigments.

This mask representing the head of a monkey is used in ceremonies dedicated to animals.

Black Mossi masks are designated as the "Soukobsé.

The class that brings them together is full of representations of small animals, more or less stylized: rams, warthogs, birds, antelopes. It also includes anthropomorphic masks. Their surface is generally covered with geometric designs in bright colors.

With the last lunar month of the calendar Mossi (Moagha) the annual cycle of ritual ends with a ceremony reserved for “Talse”, former Princes who could take the dignity of a king and whose descendants have merged in the "common people ".

The Mossi are a people of Burkina Faso, as well as some adjacent areas of surrounding countries (especially Ghana).

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Our comments on the general condition of the piece:

Traces of repairs to the crest of the mask and a small splinter in his left ear and lower face (see photos).


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