Small Senoufo wooden statue with gecko

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Depth : 6.10cm.
Weight : 0.49Kg.
Origin Country : Cote - d'Ivoire.
Raw material : dense wood.
Width : 8,50cm.
Height : 38.20cm.
Ethnic Group : Senoufo.
Color : wood color.

Senufo ethnic wooden statue carrying a gecko


The Senufo ethnic group is divided between Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.

For the Senufo, there's in origin of all an unique creator god, Koulou Tyolo. But this god is asleep and no longer intervenes in the affairs of the universe.

The society of the Poro initiates and educates Senufo from the age of 7 years. And despite the well-known cultural and dialectal differences faced by the ethnic group, a unit remains within the group through the rituals of the Poro Society...

 More about The Senufo and the Poro society

Our comments on the general condition of this piece:

A real jewel that this beautiful statue that magnifies the attention to detail and perfection of the craftsman who executed it.


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