N'débéle Senoufo wooden statues "couple"

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Depth : Ph : 5.5cm, Pf :4.5cm.
Weight : 0.990Kgs.
Origin Country : Cote - d'Ivoire.
Raw material : wood and pigments.
Width : Lh:8.5cm, Lf : 8cm.
Height : Hh:42cm, Hf: 37.5cm.
Ethnic Group : Senoufo.
Color : black.

N'Debel Senufo ethnic Statuettes from Cote d'Ivoire, of Wood and pigments.

This pair of statues Ndebele which means "genius of the bush" was used in ancient times by them to perform rituals of divination.

The ethnic group Senufo is divided between Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.

And in spite of well-known dialectal and cultural difference which knows the ethnic group, an unit subsists remains within the group thanks to the rituals of the society of Poro.   



  More about the Senufo's and the Poro Society


NB: the shown price includes both statuettes which are in couple.


Our comments on the general condition of this piece:
Mobile weapons.
Small splinters of wood (discrete) on the back of the head and breast of woman.
Traces of ancient repairs to the right forearm of the woman.
Magnificent pieces of great spiritual symbolism.

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