Ethnic Mask Bwaba, Bwa of Burkina Faso

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Reference : Masque 019

Depth : 19cm.
Weight : 0.990Kgs.
Origin Country : Burkina Faso.
Raw material : Wood and pigments.
Width : 28.60cm.
Height : 59cm.
Ethnic Group : Bwaba (Bwa).
Color : black and white pigments.

African Mask of Bwaba ethnic group, made of wood and pigments in Burkina Faso.


This type of mask is a symbol of fertility in Bwaba.

It is used in agricultural rites to ensure a good rainfall and thus good harvests. It takes place before the start of the winter season.

The Bwa, also appointed Bobo-Oulé, live between the area “PA”, near the Ghanaian border, and north to the Malian border in the province of Nouna, through Houndé, Bobo-Dioulasso and their main town, Dédougou.

They are mostly animists although about 20% of them are Christians or even Muslims.

Animist beliefs and worship to their particular god  “Do” are behind amazing gigantic size masks made of wood fibers that are used in major events of village life.

The Bwa are now about 300,000, and mostly farmers. The language of the Bwa is Bwamu part of the Gur language group.




Our comment on the general condition of the piece:

Discrete traces of intervention at the wings of the mask.
Superb piece of great spiritual symbolic


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